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Let's Play Pet Hospital DS Review

15/05/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Let's Play Pet Hospital DS

Let's Play Pet Hospital



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I really enjoyed playing My Pet Shop DS, so I was keen to get started on this game. One of my top real life dreams is to be a vet's assistant, and the game looked really good from the cover.

You play as a vet, who must take care of animals who have either run away or been abandoned. They might need treatment for malnourishment or sickness, they might need grooming, or they may simply need re-uniting with their owners. You receive funds when you successfully treat an animal, help customers, and find good homes for all the animals you care for. Then you can use the money you've earned to decorate the pet centre. As well as all this you can play with the pets to keep them happy.

This all sounded good, and again the game is aimed at younger players like me, so the activities are touch screen led and not too difficult. However, the graphics were a little basic, certainly not as good as other pet games I have played. Apart from the look of the game, my other criticism is that I was disappointed to not be able to take the animals out for walks in the fresh air!

The game is aimed at younger players like me, so the activities are touch screen led and not too difficult.

The game takes itself quite seriously, with a schedule, and the need to earn sufficient money to buy animals that you find, and this annoyed me - I don't think you should have to buy a lost animal if you are going to help it get better and reunite it with its owners! People kept bringing me different requests and I couldn't get enough money together to make them happy. I didn't find it that easy to get the hang of the game.

Pet Hospitals is alright, but I only rate it as OK, not good; there are definitely better pet care games available, ones which look better and are more fun to play.

Written by Rowan Brown

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