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Sims 2: Apartment Pets DS Review

01/01/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Sims 2: Apartment Pets DS

Sims 2: Apartment Pets



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Sims 2 Apartment Pets is a good game to play on if you are into animals, and is a lot like games such as Nintendogs DS and the Petz series.

In the game you have quite a lot of pets to handle because as well as your own apartment with your own pets, you are looking after a grooming spa, where you have a snake, rabbit, guinea-pig, hamster, budgie and sometimes a dog or a cat - or even both if people need you to look after them for a while.

There are lots of different problems you can get with pets. The ones I have experienced are: fleas, dirty coats, unkept coats, smelly coats, needing face wear, head wear or neckwear, disheartened pets and stomach aches. You can have three problems or more. You can solve the smelly problems by pampering your pets with different perfume sprays from your store. Tonics that you buy in the shop can cure stomach aches.

I really liked the rhythm game that you play with the budgie, but my mum made me wear headphones!

As well as that, the shop sells clothes and little toys for your pets, these stay in their cages. When it comes to playing, there are some good mini-games included that you play 'with' some of the pets. The budgie, dog, cat and snake have mini games but the others don't. I really liked the rhythm game that you play with the budgie, but my mum made me wear headphones!

Your Sim needs looking after as well - not only the pets - so you have to ensure they go to the toilet, eat, sleep and socialise, as well as running the spa!

I found this game brilliant apart from the graphics; they were a bit rubbish.

I found this game brilliant apart from the graphics; they were a bit rubbish, I thought they were quite basic compared to other games that are out at the moment. I liked playing the game because you get to look after your pets in your apartment as well as curing pets at your spa. It's a good game to be able to pick up and put down when you haven't got much time, as you don't have to get totally involved in the gameplay, you can just play for five minutes then do something else.

When I was playing the game, I came across many surprises. When I first started the game, I didn't notice there were more than a cat and a dog in the apartment, until i noticed the hamster cage on the coffee table! Then I found other animals too. I enjoyed decorating the apartment and spa, in this way you can really make your environment your own.

While this Sims game is not as involving as some of the others that I have played it is still good fun.

Written by Rowan Brown

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