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Fenimore Filmore's Revenge PC Review

23/03/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Fenimore Filmore's Revenge PC

Fenimore Filmore's Revenge



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Well, this game was a pain in the neck. Aside from the fact that my Father managed to throw it out originally (a quick dig through the bin sorted that minor hitch out, and a lesson well learnt on my part never to leave envelopes lying around), but this was not the only flaw before the game was even installed.

Seeing as it was my cousin who was on hand to help with the installation, he was around when I tried the game out. After three minutes all I could hear was 'have you not played enough yet?' When I told him that no, Morph, I have not, I need to write a good and thorough review on this game, no matter how terrible it may be, his response was simply 'I could write a review on this by now. Quite short. May have to be censored a touch.' Yes. It was indeed that bad.

I shall give an in-role example of the first scene you come to. There is a man, dying, whom you must help, there is a horse, there is a plant, there is a patch of mud. You do the sensible thing in a point and click adventure, you look around. You find that four things are able to react with. These are the man, the horse, the plant, and the mud. We think 'Ah! Well, clearly I need to give the man some medicinal plant!' and you know what, you'd be right! Except pulling a plant is way too hard for our hero, we need to find a knife, which is about the size of a pixel, on the side of the horse. Once you have eventually managed to rest your cursor over the knife you will need to use that with the plant. Yes! We have the plant! Now let's use it on the man. Oh no, that made him even worse. Well then, the answer must be in the mud pool, look at that. It is a pool of mud. Yay. Genuinely, just a pool of mud.

I got so frustrated I even tried to make my character stab themselves in the first scene.

Oh, oh, and if you wanted to look around or anything, well, you can't, because this game restricts you to a really darn small area. Surely half of the joy of point and click adventures were that you could do whatever you wanted, but no, you can do only what they want you to do to complete the game, and if you are struggling for more than about five seconds the characters will helpfully tell you information such as 'The man lying there looks like he needs some plants to eat'. I got so frustrated I even tried to make my character stab themselves in the first scene. It didn't like doing that, either.

This game was actually terrible. Had I spent money on it I would be extremely disappointed, and would be avidly trying to convince Game to take it back off my hands. Save yourself the hassle, don't get this game.

Written by Rowan Brown

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