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Crash Team Racing PS1 Review

12/08/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Crash Team Racing PS1

Crash Team Racing



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My most favourite game to play with my family would defiantly have to be Crash Bandicoot Crash Team Racing from Naught Dog Productions.

While me and my older brother were busy setting up the PS One, yep this is many years back in the PS One era he he! We would plug and set it up with my parents sat watching the last minutes of their program - most likely Eastenders. We would make some popcorn, buy some sweets previously from Somerfield to enjoy and settle down to play.

This would normally happen on Friday evenings to celebrate the end of the week together as a Family. Once setup, we all enjoyed listening to the start up tones and mini trailers parts at the beginning to get us mentally prepared for the game, quite stimulating retro music actually!

We all quickly chose our characters, my Mum would always be the girl one and my Dad the nutty doctor professor guy, and me and my brother fought to be crash bandicoot. The fun times I would normally spend some time with Crash then my brother would have a go.

There is an option where you can do teams which is pretty inventive and gives a chance to play children vs. parents.

I remember it vividly, the track was pretty random with the lime green booster patchy parts and collecting the very random boxes with nitro's, potions, extra booster power and lots of other ones. I found the ones you could throw quite funny when it hits someone, normally its mum who would get the brunt of it all, as she's not so good at the controllers.

It is a fun game to play with the family plus you can add additional players to increase the fun, so many different characters, such as the mask guy which always is Crash Bandicoot's right hand man in all most every Crash Bandicoot game I've played. We, as a family would stay up time until all hours the next morning.

There is an option where you can do teams which is pretty inventive and gives a chance to play children vs. parents, we would sneak and hide behind walls while Mum (the girl character) wonders around trying to get some boxes and my Dad normally goes a bit crazy and hunts for me and my brother. Within minutes my Dad probably gets me about five times with the things from the boxes, mainly poison which disables the character temporarily. While my Mum goes all panicky, we go nice and carefully then we plant a nitro or something else to make her an easy target!

I feel like it would go back and rekindle my childhood ways and see if the spark can be re ignited once again.

Throughout the game we would switch between the main race element of the game and to the more customised set tag or hit games. I would recommend this family game to anyone but within the age limit, this game is very entertaining and as a Family this would be a treat for us to play at the end of the week for us to enjoy. It brings two elements that twine well; it's very strategic and adventurous to play. As it's been such a long time since I have played this game, I feel like it would go back and rekindle my childhood ways and see if the spark can be re ignited once again.

Written by Rowan Brown

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