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Barbie Horse Adventures Riding Camp PS2 Review

04/01/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Barbie Horse Adventures Riding Camp PS2

Barbie Horse Adventures Riding Camp



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I was worried from the start with this game and unsure whether I would like it, as the Barbie branding put me off. It had the look of being babyish and easy. I've never played any Barbie games before, though, and I usually like pet trainer games, so I gave it a try.

When I started the game I had to find out how to feed and care for my horse. I had to earn rosettes to unlock other horses, and earn credits to buy accessories for my horses. This would have been fine, but I found that it was difficult to control the Barbie character, so that was a bit annoying. The graphics were average for a PS2 game, but nothing special.

As I got further into the game I quite enjoyed it, especially as you can go out of the camp and ride around the countryside. There are jewels, apples, and other items to collect and I liked looking for these. After a while I got a bit bored though. It doesn't really feel as though you are riding the horse, the controls were a little bit clunky, and the tasks became a bit repetitive. It was quite easy to complete the challenges though, so that was good - I don't like games that are so hard that you get stuck on them!

Personally I think I'll stick with my Hamsterz games, or Nintendogs.

I think that this game would be good if you're getting it for someone who really loves Barbie or horses. Although I did enjoy the game, It felt a bit like the sort of game that was released for the kids to play on the PS2 while the grown ups play newer, better games on the PS3.

Personally I think I'll stick with my Hamsterz games, or Nintendogs, as I like both of those better because there is more to do on them.

Written by Rowan Brown

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