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Buzz! Junior Monster Rumble PS3 PSN Review

24/10/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Buzz! Junior Monster Rumble PS3 PSN

Buzz! Junior Monster Rumble PS3



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Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble is a party game aimed at a young audience. The game was ported to the PlayStation 3 by Cohort Studios from the PS2. It includes trophy support and the ability to use a DualShock wireless controller instead of Buzzers, but this doesn't make up for what is a very simple, quick to finish and overall extremely lacking game.

I was weary of the name from the start, but other than that wasn't too sure of what to think when the game's release date drew closer. After finally checking it out, my suspicions were confirmed, It wasn't going to be very good. Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble is clearly aimed at kids, and there's nothing wrong with that, however when my 6 year old brother had a quick go, and managed to finish the game in 20 minutes, with the majority of the trophies unlocked and asking to play a different game, you had to worry about the games value.

The game offers a brief five mini games, each lasting a few minutes. These range from Ghostly Golf, to Scary Musical chairs, each one though being very basic in its premise. It's simply a case of whacking the right button which corresponds to the right colour. Obviously controlling with the Dualshock is going to be slightly harder, so Cohort has managed the controls literally going straight up from the X button to R2, it works yes, but it's fiddly at times.

If there is anything this game does do right, it's the addition of the narrator.

You can see everything this game has to offer in 20mins, guaranteed. When the game first booted up, I remember saying to myself that an hour was enough to judge it on, but soon realised that it wouldn't even need that long, as my monster was soon announced the winner by the amusing narrator. If there is anything this game does do right, it's the narrator. He basically commentates on how the different coloured monsters are doing, saying stuff along the lines of well done blue and whatnot. Unfortunately some witty humour can't save what seems to be a really rushed port of a game.

Multiplayer should be the highlight as it's a party game, something the family can gather round to as the fire roars in the background and have some really good fun. Sadly this game failed to provide those essential needs, it was too short and frustrating and even when I was winning it wasn't pleasing; I was just thinking how quickly one could reach to the power button.

Fair enough if you're a small child you might get some enjoyment out of it, although my little brother didn't.

It's a shame to say but after everything the game had to show it really didn't impress me in anyway, other than the aforementioned narrator. My little brother tended to agree as we promptly turned the game off after a few minutes, and loaded up something better. If a game is making you feel that way, then there's obviously something not quite working in the mechanics. Fair enough if you're a small child you might get some enjoyment out of it, although my brother didn't. Furthermore being priced at a measly GBP4 it's not exactly expensive; however, you really will be asking yourself if this game is even worth that. You've been warned.

Written by Rowan Brown

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