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Super Mario Galaxy Wii Review

13/10/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo Wii


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I remember driving back from college like a maniac eager to slot the disc into my Wii, I was that excited, and I wasn't to be disappointed. I booted up the game and was delighted to see the Wii disc channel display Super Mario Galaxy, with Mario shouting it in his stereotypical Italian accent Super Mario Galaxy. The wait for me was finally over, I was grinning with excitement, and yes I admit it.

I created my save file, choosing out of several possible heads, and away I went. The first screen came showing Mario arriving at the Star Festival, with the camera panning around the beautifully created environment, and then at long last the camera switched to Mario, I was finally in control. It felt awesome and I remember the first thing I did was perform his famous triple jump, complete with the Wahoo! when I'd perfectly executed it, again I grinned. After walking around and talking to some Toads nearby, the first cut scene of the game appeared, showing several ships causing havoc to the princess's castle, I remember watching this in awe.

Mario awakes to some cute rabbits which set up the tutorial of the game; damn I hated catching that last one, constantly running around that planet as it just leapt out of my grasp. What did I care really though, I was having too much fun. After finally catching it, the game properly began, with me achieving my first Power Star, I was like Yes! Mario was then transported to Rosalina's flying ship in space, where several levels had opened up. Not caring too much which one I chose I jumped into the portal and arrived at Good Egg Galaxy. The music began once again and I was already whistling it before I knew the tune.... yeah I know, odd huh? Clearly this was a sign that already the game had fully engrossed me. Hours must have passed without me even noticing, I was enjoying it so much. I looked at my watch and realised it was time to call it a day, reluctantly I powered down my Wii, and went to bed with the music replaying in my head over and over again.

I was finally in control. It felt awesome and I remember the first thing I did was perform his famous triple jump, complete with the Wahoo!

After a long challenging day of college, I was finally back to play some more! Exciting times indeed these were for me, as I settled back into playing the game very quickly. A new Galaxy had just been unlocked and I eagerly jumped in and gave it a shot. I saw over inside the level a black and yellow mushroom, different to the standard Mario ones. I clutched it and to my delight Mario turned into a bee! I could fly, genius I thought, do these guys ever run out of brilliant ideas?

In the distance a star was shining and it was clear that my newly found ability was going to be put to use. After flying over and up to some platforms I approached the star. Of course it wasn't going to be that easy, as a giant bug-shaped boss appeared, conveniently with a giant target on its back. I at once flew up and ground pounded his back, I guessed it was two to go as that was the Nintendo standard of hits! I was right after the third and final hit he fell, and out popped my precious star, I claimed what was mine and smiled as I collected my 10th or so star, I was loving it, and I mean loving it.

Bowser stood in front of me. I was thinking back to Mario 64, I bet I can swing his tail in the same old way, I was wrong.

I just had time to access the first boss of the game which I knew of course would be the big bad turtle himself. After hearing the awesome remix from Mario 64 play in the background and fighting my way through countless enemies, Bowser stood in front of me. I was thinking back to Mario 64, I bet I can swing his tail in the same old way, I was wrong. Bowser leapt up into space and as the battle began I realised I couldn't grab his tail, pushing all the buttons and giving it a waggle. It didn't take long to realise what to do though, as Bowser ground pounded a tile and ran around on fire, just asking for a spin jump. I was smiling once again, as after 3 smashes Bowser gave up and informed me how we would meet again. A giant start appeared and Mario, seemingly as excited as me, shouted WAHOO!.

This continued for the next 2 weeks, pure gaming joy, I can tell you now that if a game is this fun to play then it must be good, seriously this game is literally awesome. So get off those same old shooting games and go and buy yourself a copy, you absolutely won't regret it!

Written by Rowan Brown

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