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Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt DS Review

12/04/2010 Artistic Teletext Gamer Review
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Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt DS

Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt



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I get stupidly immersed in another excellent Bejeweled clone for the DS, Jewel Master.

In My Experience

My other half loves these types of games. I can usually take them or leave them, but Jewel Master is simply too addictive and fun to put down. The difference here is that each grid has a few blue squares that need to be cleared once or twice by matching symbols. This turns a walk in the park to the most taxing of puzzle propositions.

When all blues were cleared, you have to clear a path for the beetle that appears. If that wasn’t tricky enough, some squares are blocked off and can only be activated by matching the relevant symbol underneath with another line of 4 or more. Thank goodness certain symbols fill their energy bars to blast away a few squares at a time.

Last Word

Easy concept of matching symbols meets strategic challenge. Clearing the blue squares as well as building up power-up meters and matching the symbols in the grid is frantic, but fun. And within a time limit. And then the beetle icon appears. And then, oh - it's several hours later.

Strategic matching game is great for long trips.


Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt needs to have its own clinic for dependent gamers. It’s easy to get into but so hard to put back down. I think it’s excellent.

Written by Steve Manser

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