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Choplifter 2 Gameboy Review

03/04/2010 Artistic Teletext Gamer Review
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Choplifter 2 Gameboy

Choplifter 2



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Take an elderly rescue chopper for a test run, albeit flying left to right and back again.

In My Experience

I load up and start taking off to find the soldiers to rescue, shooting the bad guys and avoiding rain clouds and birds. Itís simple and fun gameplay - fly off, avoid taking damage, shoot, stop to pick up the soldiers, ten per trip, and head back to base to drop them off and then do it all again.

I quickly see that energy is refilled each time you land, so I did sometimes crash on purpose to get a full bar in order to save the last few soldiers who were far away. Plus it might be my poor skills, but later levels are really hard with loads of bullets, bombs, clouds and birds to avoid - and I didnít get past 70% on my sessions. Also, the areas change and there are some other new bits, but basically itís very samey but increasingly harder.

Last Word

It holds up pretty well and the simple gameplay is addictive. Later levels are samey though and that sucks when youíve battled to get through some tricky bullet dodging. Mind you, itís weirdly exciting attempting a rescue with 1 hit of energy left!

Chopper beats bird every time. OK, most times.


Good fun for a couple of hours when youíre on the move. Just donít expect to be playing it again and again.

Written by Steve Manser

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