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Duck Tales Gameboy Review

03/05/2010 Artistic Teletext Gamer Review
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Duck Tales Gameboy

Duck Tales




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Quacking my way around platforms is, surprisingly, more fun than I remembered.

In My Experience

Everyone loved Duck Tales on the NES and the Gameboy - so it was deemed a retro classic. But I always found it tedious and repetitive in my youth, most likely down to my misplaced hatred of platform games as explained in my recent Mario Bros review.

Now though, I can enjoy it for what it really is - a great game with some neat touches and a surprising amount of depth for such an old retro title. Jumping around between 5 very different levels it’s clear the non-linear approach works well with the genre and the tricky controls are half the fun. I got a real thrill when I found several hidden areas and avoided contact with baddies for an entire level - all because I’d mastered the pogo hop with Scrooge’s cane!

Last Word

Another platformer converts this old cynic. The graphics and music are superb, especially for a Gameboy game and the challenging nature of the pretty vast levels ensures a short but fun-filled amount of time is needed to reunite Scrooge with his cash.

Remember to use the portals!


I really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Short but incredibly sweet and worth digging out once more.

Written by Steve Manser

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