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Top Ranking Tennis Gameboy Review

20/03/2010 Artistic Teletext Gamer Review
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Top Ranking Tennis Gameboy

Top Ranking Tennis



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Top Ranking Tennis still stands out even with all those other tennis games for all those other systems.

In My Experience

Ah, the intro screen. The music and quirky sequence brings it all back. The devil really is in the detail - and this game has some great small details that really help it stand out. The way you can challenge players at different rankings above you, the various court surfaces and the digitised speech. All top drawer. The difficulty is just right, as even I was able to rise up the rankings quickly at first, but then got battered and had to rethink my approach.

Best of all though, the control. The main buttons give you flat and top spin while ingeniously select is backspin and start is lob. Add this to the incredible amount of control over where the ball goes on the court and where you run and there is no-one to blame but yourself when losing. Shame.

In terms of pure gameplay, itís got a top ranking.

Last Word

Or perhaps last 5 words: This. Is. A. Great. Game. Either way I have to urge anyone reading this brief review to run out and get a copy of this retro classic. Especially if you like sports or tennis games. With super-responsive controls doing what you tell them, itís fab whether on the GameBoy or emulation.

Watch out world, #13 is my new ranking!


Sure, play modern tennis titles, but make sure you also revisit this classic. Playable in the same way as Virtua, Super, Mario and Grand Slam Tennis.

Written by Steve Manser

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