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The Family Gamer Awards FGA complement PEGI's age-appropriate ratings by suggesting games in each age group that players will enjoy.

We have formalised the process this year to ensure our judges have the same access to each game:

  1. Send two retail copies of the nominated game for our examiners, to the FGA Nomination address:
      FGA Nomination Samples
      17 Stoke Hill Crescent
      EX4 7DD
  2. Email a word document overview of the game with the subject line "Family Gamer Award Nomination" to editor@gamepeople.co.uk.
  3. Deadlines as follows:
    • Spring: Submission deadline March 28th
    • Spring: Award announced April 7th
    • Summer: Submission deadline July 28th
    • Summer: Award announced August 7th
    • Autumn: Submission deadline October 31st
    • Autumn: Award announced November 7th
    • Winter: Submission deadline November 31st
    • Winter: Award announced December 7th
    • Game of the Year: Reader vote from December 12th - January 25th
    • Game of the Year: Announced January 31st

Family Gamer Award Winners Branding

Award winners, as announced on these pages can use the following logos on their advertising, marketing and packaging materials.

Where these appear in print materials the awards must be referenced as the "Family Gamer Awards" or "FGAs".

Where these appear online the award homepage (http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/familylist_multi_recomendedfamilygames.htm) must be linked to with the words Family Gamer Awards.

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