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Wipeout HD PSN Review

08/01/2010 Artistic Art Gamer Review
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Wipeout HD PSN

Wipeout HD




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Wipeout is visually unique amongst racing games. Its gaming kudos enables it to draw on the top graphic designers from both the gaming and print industry. Wipeout HD on PS3 is simply stunning to look at. Although sticking to the tried and tested Blade Runner aesthetic, the sheer pace of the action coupled with an impressive replay and photo mode make this the best looking future racing game around.

Add to this the gesture controls of the Sixaxis (or DualShock 3) controller and you have an experience that is as nuanced to play as it looks. What's more, the ability to turn on driver assist to help keep the player on the track, and the to calibrate the gesture controls for small hands, turn this into a surprisingly suitable game for all the family.

Under the hood Wipeout also offers a distinctive racing style. The vehicles hover around the track and have to be surfed more than driven to obtain the optimum line. Air brakes enable the player to hang the back of their craft out around corners for extra traction. Finally, you also have to manage the vertical pitch - particularly over jumps - to ensure you offer as much of the flat underside of your craft to the track surface.

Written by Mary Hess

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