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I like the title of this game. I like the impact such a small word can have, what it stirs up, and how it makes one squirm a little. Especially if you're English. I like things that make the English squirm.

Apart from the title, the sound-track is the only thing I like about this game. It inspired the kind of sound I wanted to create for the song. A crazy mix of 70s funk and country, which are both new genres for me. To assist me I called in some extra reinforcements in the form of my multi-talented neighbour, Iwan Kushka, who can play pretty much any instrument with oodles of style. He gave it that Brazilian type feel with his congas and triangle, and an explicitly funky bassline. He also agreed to be in Wet The Movie.

What a movie-star he turned out to be. He fully embraced his role as cheeky Indian, enduring a bleeding lip, muddy feet, collapsing trees and, eventually, death. It was a really windy winter's day and we had a great time running around like kids. Cowboys and Indians is as fun as it used to be.


Revenge - Lyrics

It's a slick looking game

With over-the-top weapon play
A case of style over substance
Damn wonky cameras and ultra-violence

I find myself looking for depth and I won't find it here
I'm looking for depth everywhere

Revenge is sweet, so they say
That's why I'm sitting here knocking out your front teeth
On a winter's morning in my living room
I'll shoot you down for all the times I've been hurt

All this wet work gets rather tiresome
I spend the game on my knees trying to prove
I'm as cool as Quentin Tarantino
But baby I'm telling you this ain't no movie

I'm looking for love and I won't find it here
I'm looking for love everywhere

Revenge is sweet so they say
That's why I'm sitting here knocking out both your feet
On a winter's morning in my dressing gown
I'll shoot you down for all the times I've been hurt

If only I could hurt you
If only I could hurt you
You and all the nameless, faceless people
Then maybe I wouldn't hurt at all
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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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