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21/11/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Podcast
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Am I OK? Was all I had sung, when I should have had a whole song ready. The only thing I could write was this, over and over again because I was so deeply not feeling OK trying to write this song.

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I think something I've learnt with this whole journey is that I merge with my work very easily. It's been really good to see that that isn't to do with me. However bad a song may be it doesn't mean I'm bad. And I think that is true no matter what we do, fail or succeed.

The song wasn't supposed to just be a knocking down of Yahtzee, but also I felt really fiercely critical of him. To try and match his critical nature was no mean feat. And then what came after with all those comments was a real shock.

I did read most of the comments, but I took my time because it was really overwhelming. There was a lot of discussion about is this a love song or is this something else. I always want people to get where I'm coming from but if people don't I think that's really interesting.

I blogged about where the song came from and exchanged some Twitter banter with Yahtzee where I said something like "You make misogyny and homophobia seem socially acceptable" and that's where a lot of people were like "Ohhh she's serious about this".

I was quaking in my boots about what he might say back to me. He did mention me in passing in his next video -- but I was relieved that it was actually quite gracious.

After that I still enjoyed the last few songs, but it was becoming clear to me that I'd achieved what I'd set out to achieve.

Yahtzee Love Song - Lyrics

I've got my hat and my branston pickle I've got my handbag of penis jokes
what more do i need to gain your approval I don't believe I've stopped to breathe yet
Oh I need a brain the size of Australia to take you on
Oh i need the ironical wit of a miserable git to write a hate-filled love song
I feel pants on head offended and I wonder if you'll feel the same
cos when you desecrate every game are you really saying

Is it ok, is it ok, is it ok to be the way, the way that I am?

It feels so good to express an opinion it feels so good to be right and not wrong
It feels so good to be in the majority if feels so good to be a white straight man
Oh I think your sense of humour's straight from the middle ages
I would rather stab myself in the eye than go out with your misogynist mind
I feel you're no corporate whore but you're propping up the man for sure
and in my opinionated force am I really saying

Is it ok, is it ok, to be the way, the way that I am?

Call me a raging feminist but you're on my black list oh you really pissed me off
cos you put her down, when you could turn it around with the wit of a bloodhound
and I won't stand for it now

And now it's your turn to rip me to shreds, I tried my very best, to impress
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes Live column.

"I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane, into the cartoon rabbit hole I fell into writing little songs about videogames."

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