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Skylanders Legendary Characters Sell Out PS3 Guide

08/11/2011 Specialist Collecting Gamer Guide
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Skylanders Legendary Characters Sell Out PS3

Skylanders Legendary Characters Sell Out




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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure figure statistics and availability are perfectly poised to create the collectors dram: the "must have" and "hard to find" status that creates the thrill of the hunt.

As Christmas approaches and parents start to stock pile presents for their children, we can see which Skylanders figures are more popular and which are most likely to sell out. By working through the different Skylander Characters I (along with help from readers like Nathan Beitler) have put together my definitive Skylanders Stats page.

For those who are less avid about their Skylanders figure collections, what this means is that we now have a clear picture about which characters have a stats advantage over their monstrous peers. This combines with their relative scarcity to enable us to predict which will be increasingly hard to find in store.

Firstly let's consider the more familiar factors of availability and scarcity. Currently the follow figures have not been released. This means that when they hit shelves (no comment from Activision when this will be currently) they will sell out fast - not least because these are the characters stopping played from completing their elemental sets and gaining that all important stat boost.

Earth Characters: Dino-rang
Fire Characters: Sunburn
Air Characters: Lighten Rod Warnado
Water Characters: Slam Bam Wham Shell
Magic Characters: Double Trouble
Tech Characters: Drobot Drill Sergeant
Life Characters: Zook Camo
Undead Characters: Hex Cynder

Along with the scarcity and demand that usually drives up prices before Christmas, there is also how the toys function in the videogame that will affect demand -- each character of them have unique statistics. Now that we have stats in for the majority of the available characters we can see which ones perform the best.

Here is a table that totals up each available character's statistics. As you can see there is a quite a discrepancey between the top characters (at around 280) and the bottom characters (at around 220). In the game you also need to consider the effectiveness of their weapons, but this is a good guide to begin with.

	                     Str  Def  Agl  Lck  Total
Legendary Spyro               75   55   90   60   280
Legendary Chop Chop           65   100  60   40   265
Legendary Spyro               60   50   90   60   260
Stealth Elf                   60   30   100  70   260
Ignitor                      100   65   40   50   255
Chop Chop                     65  100   60   20   245
Legendary Bash                85  100   30   25   240
Flame Slinger                 40   25   90   80   235
Boomer                        70   50   40   75   235
Whirlwind                     65   65   30   75   235
Zap                           30   70   65   65   230
Eruptor                       80   85   25   35   225
Bash                          85   90   30   20   225
Terrafin                      70   80   25   50   225
Ghost Roaster                 60   85   40   40   225
Sonic Boom                    50   60   60   55   225
Trigger Happy                 40   20   60  100   220
Gill Grunt                    70   60   40   50   220
Drobot                        40   75   60   45   220
Stump Smash                   90   70   20   40   220
Prsim Break                   75   90   10   45   220
Voodood                       75   50   60   35   220

As you can see the Legendary characters have received a substantial stats boost over their non-legendary counterparts. Add to this the fact that these characters come together in a Toys R Us exclusive and you have the makings of a Christmas must-have and sell-out toy.

My advice however is not to be overly swayed by this panic buying of Skylander toys. Spend some time looking through the Skylander Characters and decide which ones best suite your play style. Along with this you should ensure a good spread of Elements to gain access to the majority of the game - and those all important Hats and Soul Gems. Finally, have a look at the craft of the real figures -- my personal favourite is still Stealth Elf, as much for the way she looks as how she performs in the game or how much she is worth second hand.

Written by Steph Flemming

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