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Electrolux Ergorapido Gadget Review

04/05/2010 Family Domestic Gamer Review
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Electrolux Ergorapido Gadget

Electrolux Ergorapido



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Taking a break from the games for a moment, the Ergorapido cleverly improves the cordless stick vacuum cleaner design. With 2-in-1 dust buster and stick options in one unit, a smoother feel and some great little touches like the easy empty dust pinger this is a super little hoover.

I was really excited to get this as I've had the previous version, the Unirapido, for a while and it has been a totally brilliant addition to my floor maintenance arsenal! The Ergorapido is even better though. It feels smoother to move around the floor and has a set of LED lights on the front for cleaning under things. My kids thought this was great and asked if I was planning to vacuum at night.

It's powerful enough to do a good clean of two floors of my house without running out of charge and I often give it to the kids to do their own bedroom floors - in exchange for pocket money of course. It is a fab dark purple colour with sleek silver detailing, swish!

The Ergorapido comes with a stand which doubles up as a charging station. This is very compact and hides away in the corner of my dining room. It's good to have it close to hand for the inevitable mess after lunch and the kid's craft sessions. It is also brilliant for grabbing to whiz around our loft bedroom when I can't be bothered to drag our big vacuum up three flights of stairs.

The only negatives are that it's small size does mean that a large expanse of carpet does feel a bit overwhelming and tall people may find it a bit short for them.

It's powerful enough to do a good clean of two floors of my house without running out of charge.

The new version isn't just a tall cordless vacuum but has an integral and removable dust buster too, which sits neatly 'in utero'. This is great for bigger bits or getting into smaller places. When undocked, the dust buster doesn't have a brush though so wasn't much use on the stairs - a bit disappointing.

The dust collection chamber is inside the dust buster part, which means it is quite a bit smaller that the previous version. That said it does have a clever little pingy device to help you empty out the dust from the filter. Nicely thought through design.

I have more of that nice clean carpet feeling more of the time.

This is a really nifty little vacuum cleaner, I rarely get the time to get the large vacuum out and do the whole house which is always frustrating - I hate messy carpets. I can just grab the Ergorapido and clean in a spare moment, which means I have more of that nice clean carpet feeling more of the time.

In fact I've realised that with the new mini dust buster attachment it will also be brilliant for cleaning the inside of the car as well. All round I know I'd miss the Ergorapido if I didn't have it, it's become an essential part of my household kit.

Written by Josie Campbell

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