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Animal Crossing 08: Gracie Grace sells out

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Animal Crossing Wii

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This week in Animal Crossing City Folk I am cross and upset (yes, really, upset!). I had planned to buy the set of Gorgeous furniture in Gracie Grace's exclusive store before the season changed in February, but when I got there some of the items were sold out. Sold out! How could this be?!!

Desperate to complete the set, I broke the time travel rule again and tried to go back to a time when they were in stock, but no luck. I then went forward, hoping that the following year the shop would be restocked - but no. Back to the year before the real time, in case the set hadn't been sold out that year - but it seems that sold out is sold out, and your game's save file remembers this.

It will take a few days to get the town back to perfect status.

So, the only way for me to complete this set will be somehow to obtain the missing pieces from another player via WiFi - which will be hard, because the set is really expensive so I shouldn't think anyone will have items going spare!

What's more, in finding this out, I lost all my beautiful hybrids and now have a whole town to weed (the price you pay for not-very-careful time travel). It will take a few days to get the town back to perfect status, as I'll only be able to buy a few flowers every day; still, I only have myself to blame for this!

It just underlines to me that I really don't enjoy the game when I give in to the urge to time travel just to get stuff. Rather, to me, the game is more enjoyable taken step by step, then there is more achievement felt with every gain, however small.

Tthere is a fishing tournament in my town tomorrow so I'll have a try then.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some - I'll be able to grow hybrids again and get the town looking pretty in no time - but I'm still seething about the furniture, especially as I could almost have afforded it and bought it all a week ago!

Other town news: I've plodded on with turnips (only a small profit again this week) and filling the museum, as well as keeping track of a few new items that I've needed in my catalogue, both furniture and clothes/accessories. Still no golden axe from my grumpy fountain goddess, and as yet I haven't had a decent attempt at fishing to catch the outstanding fish available this month - but there is a fishing tournament in my town tomorrow so I'll have a try then.

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Written by Clare Sharpe

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