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Disneyland Adventures 360 Kinect Preview

09/06/2011 Family Family Gamer Preview
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Disneyland Adventures 360 Kinect

Disneyland Adventures

360 Kinect



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Kinect Disneyland Adventures pulls of a totally controller less open world adventure without being over complicated or confusing.

At first sight I'll admit I had dismissed Kinect Disneyland Adventures as some sort of on-rails mini game collection. It wasn't until I spent some proper time with the game that I realised how wrong I was.

In fact, Disneyland Adventures is an explorable open world set in a Disney theme park that can be explored and interacted with totally via the Kinect controller. You hold your hand out to move in a particular direction and execute particular gestures to cast spells, interact with Disney characters and take pictures.

It actually shares quite a few similarities with Grand Theft Auto, in the exploration and navigation at least. I raise this comparison because of the slight disconnect -- whereas in GTA it feels right for the other people to flee when you approach, in Disneyland Adventures it is a little odd when you see the other children in the park doing it.

In and around the park are the on-rails sections. These involve flying through different Disney locations collecting coins and items. If the Disney theme park theme hadn't already convinced you this is aimed at young players, the non-competitive nature of the mini games underlines this for you.

A new generation of Kinect games that offer something genuinely fully featured and fresh.

The game is developed by Frontier (again something I seemed to miss when first seeing it) and shares a family resemblance with Kinectimals. Here though you see your character in third person and this adds a little more feedback to the motion controls as they match your real world movement.

The park is said to take a good ten hours or so to fully explore, and it felt like this would be greatly extended if you attended to each and every distraction -- which my kids seem to do when they play. There is also the prospect of DLC adding new challenges and locations.

Disneyland Adventure joins Fable The Journey, Kinect Sports Season 2, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster and Kinect Star Wars to form a new generation of Kinect games that offer something genuinely fully featured and fresh.

Written by Andy Robertson

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