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Plants vs Zombies PC Review

22/05/2009 Family Family Gamer Review
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Plants vs Zombies PC

Plants vs Zombies



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Who would ever think that using plants against zombies is not only very effective, but also a lot of fun? Of course, the folks from PopCap did!

Plants vs. Zombies is not just one of these brain dead shooting games. The game revolves around one's house that gets attacked by zombies. Sure, the goal is to kill the zombies, but it isn't really killing, because the zombies are already dead. The lawn gets rolled out and then one has to go plant. I always put in one row of sunflowers first. Sunflowers produce suns that get turned into points and enough points get one all kinds of stuff.

Besides that, I really get a kick out of how the sunflowers have a big smile and bop from side to side. The all-purpose weapon is the pea shooter. At first, only the single pea shooter is available. Later on there are double and triple pea shooters. Each level rewards one with new plants that have funny names and do all kinds of different damage to the zombies. Some plants are one time use only and some aren't that useful at all. What isn't so great is that the zombies start eating the plants, so getting them to keel over before they can munch on the plants is key.

This game is just pure fun. It kept me entertained for a long time.

And then there is Dave. Dave is the crazy neighbour who has a hatchback with all kinds of goodies for sale. The zombies drop coins once in a while and collecting the coins makes shopping at Crazy Dave's much easier. That way one gets a nice arsenal of gadgets and plants, which is direly needed. Once the zombies come around the back and even swim through the pool one has to get very creative in what to plant where. But even when a zombie makes it all the way to the house, the lawn mower or pool vac takes out the entire row of zombies. And when in doubt, just plant some more bopping sunflowers.

This game is just pure fun. It kept me entertained for a long time. The best thing is as with most PopCap games that one can keep trying as often as needed. But why the heck did they have to name the crazy guy 'Dave'?

Written by Andy Robertson

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