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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii Review

31/07/2010 Artistic Haiku Gamer Review
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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo Wii


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Milkyway playground;

Apples fall from trees unseen

gravity leads home.

Five second reviews. Written, folded and photographed by hand for your pleasure. My haikvu's bring you bite sized hand sculpted game reviews. They combine the Japanese art of origami with haiku poetry.

Written by Lottie Rose

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Lottie Rose writes the Haiku Gamer column.

"I review games by writing little Haiku poems, printing them out and making tiny little folded paper creations. My haiku poems are a five second game review. Their brevity and ability to capture experience seems such a good fit for a review."

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