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Kinectimals Toys DLC 360 Kinect Review

25/03/2011 Family Junior Gamer Review
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Kinectimals Toys DLC 360 Kinect

Kinectimals Toys DLC

360 Kinect


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Kinectimals download able content comes as a fluffy physical toy cat. It's a clever way to connect gameplay and the real world, as our Junior Gamer discovered.

I like Kinectimals a lot. Sometimes the camera doesn't see me and I have to get Dad to set it up before I can play, but the game is so cute it is really worth it.

I love how you can stroke and pet the different animals by just holding your hand out. It sometimes feels like I have a real pet - I have to remind myself that they are not really there.

Fig 1. Kinectimals Stuffed Toy DLC

I've been playing it for a few months now so I have met most of the different big cats and tried most of the challenges. It's still fun to play them again but I think it was a little boring too.

That's why the Kinectimals stuffed toys I found today are so good. It means that I really do have my own Kinectimals cat to own and keep on my bed. But also I could scan in his collar by holding it up to the camera (ed: a QR code I think).

I took my Tiger for show and tell at school yesterday too and all my friends loved it.

They are not much more expensive (ed: GBP 9.99) than other soft toys I have (I'm a bit of a Jellycat collector) and with being able to play with them in the game too I think they are worth the money.

There was a White Tiger, African Lion, Asiatic Cheetah, Bornean Clouded Leopard and Iberian Lynx to choose from - I chose a Tiger because he was so cute. It has meant I've played on Kinectimals a lot more this weekend and I think I will be for quite a while.

I took my Tiger for show and tell at school yesterday too and all my friends loved it. One of them actually went a bought the game after seeing it. She found a pack that had the disc and the toy all in one which I think is probably a bit cheaper if you don't have the game already.

I would still like to have different islands to explore in Kinectimals and more different games to play. But my fluffy Tiger more than makes up for any of that.

Written by Ben Loverrock

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