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Systemic reviews are all about choices. Remember when you had none? Unless you were especially privileged/disadvantaged your gaming childhood probably looked like mine; one console or gaming computer for a few years until it became obsolete and then (and only then) it was replaced with a more current model.

Console wars were rife in the playground and, although my parents were very accommodating to my gaming desires, it seemed like I had frequently made the wrong choices. When the playground was full of chatter about the Spectrum and Commodore 64, I had an Atari 800XL. When most of the school had Nintendo Game Boys or Sega Game Gears, I had an Atari Lynx. And when the Commodore Amiga had the local kids in a trance, I was playing on my Atari ST.

In almost every case, the game I wanted to be playing was being played on a better machine by someone else. So I dug deeper, I tried to discover exactly what it was that could make my gaming system stand out from the crowd. What was it about this console or computer that was better than theirs. So I sought out the games that showed off those differences. I made my choices and I championed them.

So what kind of gamer has that experience turned me into today? I'm lucky now that I have a range of console choices when it's time to buy a game. But having extra options has not made me lazy or complacent. I know what each machine is capable of. I know what I want out of a game and which console is capable of delivering the best experience.

When I play a game I take into consideration the system I am playing it on. Is this game getting the most out of this console? Does a game released across four formats have a particular system it plays best on? Why is this game exclusive to this machine? Would this portable game be more at home on a console?

These are the questions I find myself asking frequently because, after all, I deserve to be getting the best out of the system I have chosen. And so do you. I hope you will find my Game People input and analysis helpful and useful when choosing games for your chosen system.

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