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05/11/2009 Family Fit Gamer Article
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Future of Exergaming

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Since I started writing for Game People the number of fitness games available to buy has exploded. The volume of choice can be confusing from Wii-Sports to Wii-Fit, from EA Sports Active to My Fitness Coach. Here I review a few simple tips to make sure your experience is fit for purpose - and you buy the best game for your health and fitness needs.

Inside the global phenomenon of exergaming is a breed of games known as 'fitness games'. Think of these types of exergames as a gym workout in a box, or virtual personal trainer. You will recognise these fitness games from EA Sports Active, Wii-Fit, Goldís Gym Cardio, Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum and the list goes on. In this article I will explain how to make the right choice to improve your health and buying a game that ends up not being used.

Before you buy a fitness game you have to prepare yourself for the long haul. Nothing that improves fitness comes instantly or for free. You may have tried the gym or a workout routine before and failed due to boredom, lack of enjoyment or not enough free time. In fact, the majority of us have faced one or more of these issues when it comes to exercising. This is where exergaming and fitness games come in.

Step 1 - Planning

Make a commitment to yourself and think about what you want to achieve out of your fitness game.

In common with traditional fitness planning, make a commitment to yourself and think about what you want to achieve out of your fitness game. Setting personal goals is a very important first step. Maybe set achievement goals related to key dates. For example, you may want to get that beach body for your vacation or just lose a few pounds before your next birthday or a family occasion. Fitness games reduce the pain, whether it be physical or mental, by making fitness more fun, more convenient and easier to fit into a busy day. Provide yourself the best opportunity to stay motivated by preparing yourself mentally before beginning your new fitness game plan. An important first step is simply to choose the right game for you.

Step 2 - Research

Evaluate what others have said about the games from personal use.

Getting the latest and newest fitness game isnít always going to pay off. In addition 'believing everything you read' based on internet articles that more often than not repeating press releases is not the best approach to make your final decision. You need to do your homework. Evaluate what others have said about the games from personal use. Look for customer reviews on websites such as Amazon and Game. Investing a minimal amount of time before the purchase is insignificant compared to the time you will spend using the game.

Step 3 - Test

Borrow a game from a friend or simply rent one for a week.

If reading the customer comments and ratings do not make your choice clear, trying out the games you think are best is a good move. Borrow a game from a friend or simply rent one for a week. Many people have purchased a fitness game and then only used it a few times before realizing it was not the right fit for them. Try to avoid making the mistake of the wrong game as it will certainly lead to frustration and may put you off exergames all together.

Step 4 - Support

It is worth joining a few social groups to learn from their experiences.

With any exercise regime, finding a supportive social network can be a valuable step in maintaining the necessary motivation. Some fitness games offer such supportive social networks via websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social sites. Not all of these groups are run by the game developer, but some are, just make sure such networks are credible. It is worth joining a few social groups to see what others are saying and to learn from their experiences. When you are ready, you can tell your friends and family. Positive associations with friends and family are often valuable as they can provide you with support and motivation.


There is no simple answer to which fitness game you should buy because everyone is different, but now you should know what to look for in a game that will work best for you. If you buy the wrong game you could be wasting money, have a poor experience of an exergaming and you will not reach your goals. A few hours of now will pay dividends in the long run and make sure you have the best chance of success!

Written by Luke Pyper

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Luke Pyper writes the Fit Gamer column.

"As a trained professional fitness coach I bring an informed and balanced take on fitness video games. I cover Xbox 360, PS3, Wii-Fit, DS lite and PSP games from a gym, health and fitness angle."

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