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100 in 1 Explosive Megamix DS Review

10/12/2010 Artistic Magnetic Gamer Review
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100 in 1 Explosive Megamix DS

100 in 1 Explosive Megamix



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100 in 1 Explosive Megamix looks like a dire minigame collection, when in actual fact it's a wonderfully addictive set of puzzles the whole family can enjoy.

You can't judge a book by its cover. 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix has all the tell tale signs of a minigame compilation - the kind of collection that has exhausted the DS's good reputation. But this is different. It's good; it's really good.

I'll admit some of the levels are teeth-grindingly hard, but the most difficult thing about this game has been getting it back from my kids. They love it. It has been the game to play in the car for some time. The minigames are varied and mostly rely on quick reflexes.

It's been quite surprising to get the game back to find some of the levels unlocked that I couldn't do. My excuse to the kids being "yeah I just hadn't got round to that level yet".

The game has been living in the car recently as it's one of those games you can dip in and out of on short trips, no complex story or tricky game play to remember. It gets handed round the car no matter what aged people are with us for the trip.

We like that you don't have to do every level. You can skip some of the harder ones and unlock others depending on how many points you get. It's all wrapped up in a retro style. Graphics and sound take me back to the days of the Amiga 500 and Atari ST.

101 in 1 Explosive Megamix is a game that might end up in the bargain bin at the local game shop, possibly overlooked due to the fact so many bad compilations have come before it. This is a shame because it's a nice little package that offers great value for money.

Written by Matthew Applegate

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