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10/05/2011 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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AfterZoom DSi-ware





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AfterZoom will follow up the popular Augmented Reality games on the 3DS with a DSi-ware title that pulls off the same trick.

AfterZoom game mimics a microscope as you explore your real world environment to find virtual microscopic lifeforms. You then zoom-in on the images taken with the DSi camera to capture the organisms in Pokemon-like encounters.

Once you have them safely stowed away you are charged with their on-going care - feeding, cleaning and entertaining. This is wrapped up with a chemistry element of the game where you combine different elements to study their effect on each other.

AfterZoom promises a more fleshed out use of augmented reality than the cursory playfulness of Face Raiders (pre-installed on 3DS's). Although the DSi doesn't have the horsepower to compete with the real-time antics of the 3DS's Augmented Reality games, enough of a connection is made between the camera view and gameplay for it to engage players in an unusual experience.

AfterZoom is expected to be released on DSi in 2011 via the DSi-ware shop and via the eShop on the 3DS.

Written by Paul Govan

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