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R/C Club First Meeting

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R/C Club First Meeting Blog

R/C Club First Meeting

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It's not everyday you start a Radio Controlled car club. But thanks to strong support from CML Distribution, that's just what I did this week.

Our merry band of dads got together this Sunday to open our selected Carisma cars from CML Distribution. Each of us chose our Ferrari FXX, Mercedes SLR GT, BMW M3 GT and Nissan GTR respectively. The Nissan looked the hottest by some way with it's blacked out tyres, but each car (being the same under the hood) performed similarly.

Our first location was a local town hall space. Unfortunately, as we discovered, the polished surface didn't suite the road tires the cars came with. But this simply added to the challenge of getting around our oval track.

We had prepped from the meet with a couple of spare batteries and some fast chargers. But in practice the packed in batteries lasted the hour - about 20 minutes racing interspersed with pit stops and discussions about the next course layout.

Running the Carisma's inside made it obvious how overpowered they were for their diminutive 1/14th size. There were magical moments where one of us would execute a perfect drift around a corner, met with approving man sounds. And equally, there were moments where we over cooked things and ended up burying the poor little cars in the wall - resulting in a few broken parts by the end of the evening.

The key thing seemed to be our similar ability and equipment. By each having a similar 1/14th Carisma setup out the box, the races were very close and relied on a bit of skill and luck to separate you from the pack.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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