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R/C Club Running Repairs Blog

R/C Club Running Repairs

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R/C club racing is fun when it goes wrong. Not just that I enjoy watching cars being stretched beyond their limits, but when they do break it's great to pool expertise and knowledge with the other club members.

Our second outing proved more disastrous than the first in terms of damaged cars. First one then another had front wishbone issues after slamming into our ill thought through track run off - the wall.

Straight on collisions with the 1/14th Carisma cars was fine - the front foam bumper and poly carbonate body could cope fine. But spin out and slam in on a corner or side and we managed to break one or other of the front wishbone arms. We knew it would just be a matter of ordering the required parts to be ready for next time - but the challenge was on for a quick fix to keep running for the current session.

A couple of pit areas developed as different people pulled their Carisma R/C cars apart to fix or tweak their performance. Happily, they come with some spares straight out the box and the tools for some rudimentary work.

With a bit of engineering ingenuity, know how, and gaffer tape we were soon up and running. But eventually some had to admit that they would need a more substantial repair to be fully road worthy. What great fun though!

By the end of the evening we were all keen to rush of to CML Distribution to order spares and step up parts - there was even talk of under-lighting one of the cars. But also we realised we needed a way to protect the cars from the walls, or find a larger hall. Our intention is to get hold of some flexible rope to make marking the course easier as well as encouraging the cars back on track when they stray.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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