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A2B Dan Dare Arrives

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A2B Dan Dare Arrives Blog

A2B Dan Dare Arrives

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Tim Pestridge

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A simply enormous box has arrived, whilst we were all in our pyjamas. Parcel man kept a straight face, despite our appearances. So we all stood round this gigantic box in the garage, and there was a moment of quiet awe. Then I set to with a Stanley knife, and revealed the dazzlingly white frame of our new Ultramotor A2B hybrid.

There were carefully packaged bits arranged all round the inside of the giant box; a wheel, a battery pack, handlebars, all bubble-wrapped, along with some paper instructions. There were 'Oooh's' all round as I lifted the frame out of the box. No doubt then that this bike really looks the part. All family members declare it warrants the title 'cool'.

First hurdle cleared. Until wife noticed there didn't seem to be a twist grip to control the power, which the now dead Ezybike was fitted with. I explained you pedaled, and it gives you a big help. Slight puzzlement on her face. I said it would be even easier. Hope I'm right!

Huge frustration when I realise our day is so tied up with family commitments that I have to shut the door on the bike assembling, which promises for me to be a wonderfully indulgent 'Dad's retreated to the garage' time. Hey ho.

Despite already having 2 cars, a scooter, and several normal bicycles, our Dan Dare-style electric hero has arrived to make our lives easier. I leave her unfinished, unceremoniously scattered around the garage, but with high hopes.

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Guest review by Tim Pestridge

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Tim Pestridge wrote this Bike Gamer article under the watchful eye of Tim Pestridge.

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