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A2B Parts Test Blog

A2B Parts Test

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Tim Pestridge

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Right, kids asleep, wife with friendly cackling in lounge, so I've tactically snuck away for an hour this evening to indulge in new bike joy, where this Dad gets to revel in the wonderment of the unpacking, the unfurling, the misreading of instructions, and delightful discovery.

Make no mistake, this initial flirtation with a new purchase is one of the most enjoyable parts of ownership, a time that must be relished. It's the honeymoon period before the (inevitable?) storm clouds of teething troubles loom, before boundless faith in your purchase can be tainted by warranty claims and punctured tires.

For once, I forced myself to read the instructions. Thankfully they were succinct. How to charge. How to start off. How to ride smoothly and conserve power. The statutory disclaimers regarding user error and untimely battery death. But I couldn't find anything heralding the bikes wondrous features. I wanted to be reminded of why my bicycle was so wonderfully expensive and technologically advanced, and how it can feed a family of four given only a turnip and 500ml of stilled water. So I just digested the instructions. And then got on with pouring over the bike.

Quick look round. Proper sturdy headset. Good wheels, Avid mechanical disc brakes. Decent nicely sprung front forks. Effective looking Big Apple tires. Cheap looking gear set, hub gears would have been simpler and maintenance free, but perhaps too heavy? Alloy frame with tidy welds. Nice decals, behind lacquer, not just stuck on as per cheap Chinese e-bikes. Nicely coordinated saddle and grips. Cool matt black bars. Oversized rack, which looks like it won't take any of my panniers. And my, such a White white frame! Paint seems pretty thick, and it'll need to be, being aimed at pressed-for-time daily commuters.

Yes, it's got an air of quality. Not high end quality like a Kalkhoff. There's no Deore hubs, brakes, or gear set. But certainly equipped well for an e-bike. And there's the huge motor in the rear wheel, and a hub motor in the front for the lights. I find a large bike computer in a box, and install it. Wow! The battery pack is heavy. Like proper heavy. It locks into place under the rack (ah that's why the rack is so heavy duty).

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Guest review by Tim Pestridge

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Tim Pestridge wrote this Bike Gamer article under the watchful eye of Tim Pestridge.

"I like bikes and video games because they both spark my imagination and provide seemingly infinite possibilities and just generally make me smile."

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