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A2B Light the Blue Touch Paper Blog

A2B Light the Blue Touch Paper

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Tim Pestridge

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Super excitement! Hit the sexy looking aluminium blue lit power button on the back of the battery to turn the bike on, set the handlebar mounted computer to 'Maximum' (this is sounding like Star Trek?) and rode the bike up our lane, and right up the hill at the top. And boy, this thing has got some go!

With each pedal, it drives you forward on what feels a surging crest of a wave. And it puts more power in if you do, it seems mighty clever. But downhill the brakes started squealing so loudly I was forced to pull over, suspect a bit of fine tuning is required.

Wifey rode it too, although the one-size-fits-all frame is actually quite large. I lowered the saddle using an Allen key, and she tentatively set out. But to be honest, she was comfortable with the bikes size in 500 yards. Wouldn't want to see anyone smaller than her on it. For the record she's 5ft 6".

Anyway, the full power setting is awesome, and the other two lower settings don't seem dramatically less. Impressed? Indeed. If it can keep going with that kind of assistance for mile after mile, it'll be a revelation.

Can't wait to ride it a bit further, but I'll have to sort these brakes first.

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Guest review by Tim Pestridge

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Tim Pestridge wrote this Bike Gamer article under the watchful eye of Tim Pestridge.

"I like bikes and video games because they both spark my imagination and provide seemingly infinite possibilities and just generally make me smile."

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