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A2B Faltering Fun Blog

A2B Faltering Fun

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Tim Pestridge

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Monday night is our club ride night, where you'll usually find an assortment of young-at-heart Dads on mountain bikes, many running skinny road tires, the odd road bike, and occasionally a Dahon Speed TR. My wife said 'you're not going to use that are you? It's cheating'.

But I did. And it was really cool, because once everyone had admired the bike, gasped at the price tag, and coo'd at the electrics, they swung a leg over and sped off, usually chuckling to themselves. There were lots of jibes about getting a tow home.

As we were bombing down one particularly steep Devonian hill, they all overtook me, all of them able to speed past downhill. I wondered what was going on as I looked down to see the battery light flashing right to left, and then it dawned on me that perhaps the bike was generating power back into the battery? Is this possible? Amazing if true.

There were 9 of us out riding, most of whom got to ride the A2B. Overall, everyone loved the feeling of effortless acceleration, the solid feel of the bike, and the styling. Mudguards were a blessing, as we hit some rough and muddy farm lanes, leaving everyone else splattered up the back. I was smug and dry.

Couple of negatives mentioned were that you can light up the on board computer screen a brilliant blue, but the buttons aren't lit, rendering them invisible in the dark, and worse still with gloved hands. The battery clunks in it's mountings over potholes. And I found out that the cockier riders behind me could flick off my power button from behind without me noticing - very funny the first time, less so after five attempts. And the disc brakes had to be loosened right off to stop them binding. Still not got them quite right, may need a trip into town.

We got back at 9.30pm, having ridden a hilly route, and covered 15.3 miles, battery showing 3 bars out of 5 left. Must find out if that battery was recharging downhill.

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Guest review by Tim Pestridge

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Tim Pestridge wrote this Bike Gamer article under the watchful eye of Tim Pestridge.

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