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20/10/2012 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Alan Wake 360

Alan Wake



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In today's instalment Bob and Fred our scripted duo have tip toeing through Alan Wake and discovered their own magical type writer.

Confused? Listen to the Scripted Gamer Pilot episode to meet our reviewers and hear how it all started that fateful day.

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Scene: Bob and Fred are sat on a sofa with two Xbox 360 controllers. Bob has a typewriter and is frantically typing away.

Fred: Good evening and welcome to another episode of Scripted Gamer were tonight were going to be reviewing the psychological thriller Alan Wake on XBOX 360

Bob's typing is getting more frantic, and more loud.

Fred: Now Essentially Alan Wake is a survival Horror of sorts, and for many parts in the game that is exactly how it plays

Bob: how...it...plays hee hee hee

Fred: uh yeah, but Where Alan Wake differs from other games in the genre is that it engulfs you in a plot where you have to discover a story that you have written that stars you as the protagonist. Confusing? Maybe but as the awesome score of music and the detailed plot begins itís amazing how quickly you become involved in it

Bob: Also it gives you magical powers (still typing)

Fred: What? It doesn't do anything of the sort.

Bob: it does too, it gives you power over the narrative of the story so you can create your own path

Fred: in the game to a point yes thatís true but

Bob: And out of it, I've been having a whale of a time writing my own future.

Fred: I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen it seems that Bob here is having a bit of an episode

Bob: (Types out loud) Fred was apologising to the viewers when suddenly his stomach gurgled and he knew he needed to get to a bathroom fast.

Fred: Oh come on this is ridiculous to think that....I'm really sorry ladies and....ooooh.....umm ladies and gentlemen I'll be right back.

Fred runs off stage holding his belly leaving Bob alone.

Bob: See I told him but he never listens (types again) Bob gave his opinion of Alan Wake to a mesmerised Audience

Bob: Now that I have your full attention, this game is AWESOME! I loved it so much that I have bought a magic typewriter to become more like Alan Wake.

Fred returns looking relieved.

Fred: Well that was definitely unpleasant please do not do that again.

Bob: Well thatís what you get for doubting me and my magic typewriter.

Fred: So you really can type anything and it will happen.

Bob: Yes I can.

Fred: So you could type me up a girlfriend.

Bob: itís a magic typewriter Fred, not a miracle worker.

Fred: Thanks a lot, I'll have you know that in some circles I'd be considered quite a catch.

Bob: but in most you'd definitely be considered a drop!

Fred: Anyway! Alan Wake is gripping, involving, and although not the largest games around, one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long long time.

Bob: Fred is interrupted by a beautiful girl who walks in and kisses his best pal Bob.

Fred: Well this just isn't fair you said it wouldn't be able to get me a girlfriend.

Bob: But I didn't say anything about me now did I!

Fred: unbelievable. So in a world where Bob gets a girlfriend with a magic typewriter.

Bob: Her names Francesca!

Fred: (sighs) Alan Wake proves that it is a very intense but short experience, we enjoyed it and we hope you do too, We've been the Scripted gamers.

Bob: Goodnight.

Written by Adam Moran

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"Here, we find out what happens when theatre meets videogames. We will soon be hitting the road and performing our review scripts infront of a real living audience."

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