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21/12/2011 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Wii-Party International Nintendo Wii

Wii-Party International

Nintendo Wii



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Fred and Bob have some international visitors over to play Wii-Party.

Confused? Listen to the Scripted Gamer Pilot episode to meet our reviewers and hear how it all started that fateful day.

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Scene: Bob and Fred are sat on a sofa with two Wii Controllers Bob is wearing a party hat.


Fred: What, what's going on?

Bob: It's your surprise birthday party.

Fred: But my birthday isn't for months yet?

Bob: That's why it's a surprise

Fred: Well, thank you very much, so who else is coming?

Bob: Excuse me?

Fred: Who else is coming to my surprise party?

Bob: Well in order to keep it a surprise...I didn't tell anyone.

Fred: Oh, well, right then

Bob: But I did bring Wii-Party, which is totally awesome fun.

Fred: Isn't that a four player game

Bob: Well it can be yeah.

Fred: Hold on let me see if I can reach my two friends to come join us.

Bob: Two friends?

Fred: Yes they do the transatlantic version of Scripted Gamer. Hello, hello? Jaque, Vladimir are you able to come to a party, yes it's in the studio. Ok that's marvellous see you soon.

Half an hour later the new guests had arrived.

Fred: Welcome Jaque.

Jaque: Ah bonjour Fred it is uh how do you say, a pleasure to be here.

Bob: Hello, I'm Bob

Jaque: Ah Bob, Fred as uh told me so much about you.

Bob: All good I hope.

Jaque: Uh, ui, oui of course

Fred: Vladimir old chap

Vlad: Fred, good to see you, where is this party of which you speak?

Bob: Right here Mr Vlad

Fred: Yes this is where the party is at as the young people say. What say we start to play the game then?

Jaque: Fantastiche.

Bob: Yeah what he said.

Two hours and much fun later

Bob: Vlad, Vlad, put him in the middle you don't want the boat to flip.

Vlad: I know what to do little farmer.

Jaque: Hee hee little farmer

Fred: Left a bit right a bit

Vlad: Annnnnnnnd there.

Bob: Nooooooooooo it's toppling.

Fred: Oh no!

Jaque: Jeu ta lor.

Bob: Told you.

Fred: Well that's it then chaps, what a lovely party, but Bob, weren't we meant to review a game tonight

Bob: Oh yeah.

Jaque: Zat is ok let us eh do it for you.
Ladies and gentlemen wii party is a great game which is fun for all the family.

Vlad: Yes it has mini games and long games, and team games. My favourite one being where you play mini games and have to put your Miis on a ship mast to make sure the boat doesn't topple.

Jaque: But if we are honest eh you will need to play it to truly get the sense of fun. And you will need four players to fully appreciate the game.

Bob: That wasn't bad I suppose.

Fred: We'd have done better obviously

Bob: Wasn't really that funny either was it.

Fred: That's why were the top dogs Bob, shh they're coming, That was great chaps thank you so much for coming

Vlad: It was pleasure, we have been the international scripted gamers

Jaque: Ehh good eh night.

Written by Adam Moran

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