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Resident Evil 6 360 Review

26/10/2012 Artistic Sketchy Gamer Review
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Resident Evil 6 360

Resident Evil 6




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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Tory party. Jimmy Savile. Three things that chill me to the bone, unlike Resdient Evil 6.

Resident Evil used to terrify me. I remember being in a darkened room, gripping my wired PS1 joypad, terrified of what was behind the next closed door or up the next flight of stairs. A flock of crows swooping to gouge my eyes? A rabid zombie dog smashing through a window? Or just the click click click of something, waiting just out of view, eager to separate my head from my shoulders?

Something's gone wrong with this series over the last few years. Capcom have turned it into a button-bashing action shooter, plain and simple. Which is fine if that's what you're after. True, the graphics are gorgeous, and it is fun in places. And I did get a nerdy endorphin rush seeing both Leon and Chris back again. But it's just not the game I knew and loved. And it hasn't been right since the 4th one.

I miss having a decent puzzle to solve (which were not quite as difficult as the ones in Tomb Raider, but still required a degree of thought). I miss my character playing alone and not being forced to have someone string along. And I miss just being scared. This franchise needs a good, clean headshot - and true survival horror needs bringing back to life.

Written by Kent Tayler

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