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Starfox 64 3D 3DS Review

20/09/2011 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Starfox 64 3D 3DS

Starfox 64 3D




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Starfox 64 is another classic Nintendo franchise which has been updated in 3D for the 3DS, boasting improved graphics built on classic game-play.

I didn't play the original Starfox 64, so wasn't sure exactly what to expect with this 3DS game. I do remember playing Starfox Command on my friend's DS though, so I was interested to see how this would compare.

I have to say that I am totally hooked. Starfox 64 3D features the branching storyline, which was one of Starfox Command's best features. I wouldn't have thought that a game as old as the original Starfox 64 would have been able to do that, but it's really good. The branching storyline is a great feature and has meant I've actually played through the game a couple of times to see the different paths the story can take.

It plays slightly differently to the Starfox Command DS game. In that game, all the levels were open arenas to fly around in. Starfox 64 3D has loads of on-rails levels though, these are more restrictive because you can't choose where to go but I think they are still exciting.

It looks good too - not at all like a retro game. I would even say that Starfox 64 is one of the best looking games on the 3DS. I got my friends to all have a go and they agreed that the 3D was much better than some of the earlier 3DS games, especially when enemy fire just misses and seems to comes out of the screen.

The controls also work very well. When I read that Starfox 64 used motion controls I was a bit worried, as I find the 3D effect on the 3DS breaks if you aren't looking at it from the correct angle. I thought that tilting the 3DS controls would ruin the effect. Actually, the controls for Starfox 64 are so sensitive that I find I don't have to move much to get the result I want.

With a bit of practice, I found I could fly the ship using the motion controls without ever losing the 3D effect, which is great (my friends seem to find it amusing to see me waving the 3DS around in the air, and spinning in circles). There are regular button/stick controls for the game as well, but I found that the motion controls worked really naturally.

I'd definitely say that if you have a 3DS, this is a must have

My biggest disappointment was the lack of online multiplayer. Starfox Command had a great multiplayer where I could join random matches rather than having to find people to exchange friends codes with first. This Starfox game doesn't support that, instead it lets you play locally via Wi-Fi.

I tried it with my friends and even though it was limited as we only have 2 3DS consoles between us it still had us queuing up to beat each other. We could do this with one copy of the game too -- Starfox 64 has a Download Play option which allows other 3DS owners to play without owning the game.

There's a feature on this game that uses the camera to shows video of your opponents while playing. I think this is a bit pointless as we were all in the same room together, but it was pretty funny seeing their faces in boxes on the screen.

In a way I don't think it matters that the multiplayer is a bit of a disappointment as the game is really at its best in the singleplayer levels. Because of the branching storyline and varied levels I can enjoy the single player over and over again. But I'm still hoping that with the 3DS getting a bit cheaper that a few more of my friends will get them too -- then we can try out the multiplayer a bit more. Until that happens I'm still really enjoying the single player and seeing all the different paths that the game has.

I found that the motion controls worked really naturally

Overall this is a brilliant game and really has me enjoying my 3DS again, after a few months without many things coming out for it. It really makes the best of the 3D and I can see why people are still interested in Starfox after all this time. There aren't many space/flying games and this one is great fun. I'd definitely say that if you own a 3DS, this is a must have.

Written by Rowan Brown

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