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56 Sage Street Web Review

14/10/2010 Family Teen Gamer Review
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56 Sage Street Web

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56 Sage Street



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56 Sage Street's endearing point and click world was great fun to explore. Balancing work, rest and play was no mean feat, but the cute graphics meant I didn't mind a bit of educational play.

56 Sage Street is a web game I heard about when some friends at school were playing it. It's a point and click adventure with a strategic edge. It all starts with a nice 56 Sage Street Introduction video.

You see, you play as a teenager who arrives in the city with just GBP 4 but then loses everything when their bag is stolen. Mr C. owner of the 56 Sage Street Empire then challenges him to prove himself - with the chance of taking over his empire.

You play the game in any web browser which offers a fixed 3D view of the world. Each area on the map offers a range of different jobs you can do, work, rest, shop or play. But the trick is that you have to have enough energy, money and reputation to be accepted for the best ones. It's a balancing act where you have to decide how and when to spend your money and time.

As you get on in the game there are specific missions you can earn. I've only done a couple but I liked the way they give things a little more focus for a while.

I also liked that I could play the free game anywhere, anywhere I could use the Internet anyway. This meant I could drop in for a go at lunchtime in the computer lab at school as well as passing time visiting my grandparents. You login with Facebook and can also share achievements with your friends via this account or Twitter. In fact my mates have started something of a race to be first to get the full set of trophies.

It's a balancing act where you have to decide how and when to spend your money and time.

There is a map to let you explore different areas of the city on, these are unlocked as you get more experienced at the game too. At first I thought it was just a gimmick and wouldn't last very long, but although it is all tied up with Barclays bank the game is massive and really good fun.

Like I said, 56 Sage Street is provided by Barclays bank, and has their branding running through it. It's never heavy handed in its advice - although you are encouraged to save money in your bank account - and the focus seems to be on an enjoyable game rather than encouraging players to shop and save.

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