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More Game Party Wii Review

25/02/2010 Artistic Teletext Gamer Review
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More Game Party Nintendo Wii

More Game Party

Nintendo Wii



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Eclectic Gamer (Wii)

More Game Party on the Wii is an oddity in that itís a party game not from Nintendo. And to be brutally honest, it shows.

In My Experience

OK, Iíll admit it. I had already heard dodgy things about this game, but I tried to keep an open mind when playing along with a couple of people the other night. And do you know what? Itís not all bad, given the price too. Mini games are on the menu, and so we choose some Mii-style characters (not the real thing sadly) to use in the game, including beanbag tossing, shuffle ball, darts and quarterback challenge, where you hit the main targets to score points.

I loved the fun of getting balls into cups (ping cup), lawn darts and quarterback challenge. Why? These games had responsive controls and ensured competition. With mostly basic underarm or lobbing gestures, the games reminded me of things played at school and the fair, which is not always a good thing!

Last Word

Lots of mini games, but all with only two main control gestures. Worse still, some of the games had awful responses to movements which meant that the results were poor and the games were completely infuriating to play. What saves it from a total washout is the price-point and the fact that three or four games are actually fun with friends.

Had fun despite sloppy controls.


Wii Sports Resort minus the control over destiny and the true fun factor. Still worth getting for a few nights of fun if you get it for a good price.

Written by Steve Manser

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