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Resident Evil 5 PS3 Review

19/12/2009 Artistic Art Gamer Review
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Resident Evil 5 PS3

Resident Evil 5




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When Capcom released the original Resident Evil it captivated me. Each subsequent game in the franchise has had me looking for that magic of the first game. Yet with every release, the series has moved ever further from the original, so that by the time I played Resident Evil 5 I had to face the fact that this is not the same game I fell in love with.

Resident Evil is to be the series that cemented survival horror as a genre. It is a genre reliant on tension, with the ability to make you scared despite being safely curled up on your sofa. It is an experience I relish - turn the lamps down and the sound up, there's nothing like it.

It creates this tension by scarcity of resources. Zombies closing in on me was chilling, but what terrified me more was that if I unloaded my shotgun prematurely I would be out of ammo for the ones that could be around the next corner.

Written by Mary Hess

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