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I was distraught when they told me I had to move my studio out of the little stone cottage. I had been there for a year and I had made nearly all my escapist tunes there.

Where would I go? And what would the acoustics be like? And surely nothing else would be as affordable?

The very next day I found a palace. A little room in the West Wing, for next to no rent. Time to break out the superhero costume.

It was the perfect location for my Crackdown II video. There I was writing about capitalists and I was moving into a palace. The timing couldnít have been more perfect. A vineyard, incredible gardens, a swimming pool, views over the estuary, it is one of the most idyllic places on the planet. By some stroke of good fortune (and a great deal of wheeling and dealing), a penniless musician found herself strutting those corridors in a fatsuit made of tights.

Alas, the arrangement was temporary, only until this and that and the other, and now I find myself moving on again, with palatial heights behind me. And yet, what a summer to be there.

This week I will move into my new studio. Itís not quite a palace, but itís a beautiful building with views of fields and occasionally, cows. There I will hunker down for the winter and make my non-game-related Rebecca Mayes album. I am doing one escapist video a month now to make this possible, and by the spring I hope to have something gorgeous for you, music for music and nothing else.

In the meantime, in memory of my affair with capitalism, here are the lyrics to Freak the Superhero.

Freak The Superhero - Lyrics

Donít rock the boat
If it ainít broke then donít fix it
Yeah the trick is donít even try at all
Iíve heard it said
That most brains are dead
And theyíll buy anything with a 2 stuck on the end

Yeah thatís right, weíre the zombie hoard
Running through the streets like meatball freaks
Why donít we kiss their feet while they steal the meat
Right off the table?

I wonít be your fool
Iíd rather be a meatball freak
Than fly on superhero greed
Iíd rather lose both my front teeth
Than be your superhero

They run for miles
Rooftop to rooftop
Taking everything in their path
To be bigger better stronger richer

Just watch us dance
Swinging our meatball heads around
Singing Iím your target shoot me down

Yeah letís fight
We can take on their corporate might
Thereís not a greedy eye in sight
No we donít want to fly just like them

I wonít be your fool
I hate to be a meatball freak
I want superhero speed
Iíd give both my pink fat feet
To be a superhero

Weíre all playing the same game
Each to their own
We can call them nasty capitalist names
But weíre just the same

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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