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I was in the woods, walking daisy dog. She went nuts on a particular patch of dirt, sniffing like there was something down there she really wanted, she was going for it, jumping on it, digging the earth away with such urgency and perseverance.

I watched her with fascination, feeling the part of me that's like that, so hungry for what's beneath, even though I don't know what it is.

I was struggling to write a song that week. I had tried day after day, faithfully going back to my guitar only to meet a certain vacuousness, as if my heart were on holiday.

Standing in the depth of the wood is like being in a vibrational force-field that Luke Skywalker could only dream of; as if the trees are whispering to each other the wisdom of thousands of years. When I'm there I believe in magic again.

I asked the trees for a song, and then laughed at myself. As if!

'I need a song,' I said out loud, 'today is the day.'

Today is the day. I said it again. And again. Every time I said it I heard something new. I started singing it. Over and over like a crazy person. I sang it at the top of my lungs, until I could hear it echoing back to me from the other side of the wood. I sang it for the pure fun of it, because I was enjoying it, because it reminded me of freedom.

Hear my Fable 2 ramblings on my first Game People podcast appearance.

When I got home I wrote a song, a different one. It was exactly the song I needed to write. And yet, over the next few days I found myself singing 'today is the day,' in the car, whilst washing up, whilst running down stairs, with the same carefree childlikeness as that moment in the woods.

I won't expound my theories on this collection of words, or the song it became in my review of Fable 2, because I am curious to hear your own interpretations first, but I wanted to tell you the story of where it started, from somewhere deep beneath the dirt, where tree roots grow.

Today is the Day - Lyrics

Every night I dream so deep
I see such things
With secret meanings
I'm following the trail you laid
Into the dark
And it's taking me apart

If this life is one long dream
I want to know just what it means
Cause I've laid down so many hours
To peel away my many layers

And with the dawn my eyes are born

Today is the day

I watch my life like a film I'm writing
Where every moment's happening
Means absolutely everything
And I feel it all like a drug I'm taking
And I can't stop this waking
Breaking me apart

What remains there underneath
The skins I've shed fall at my feet
There is nothing that I know
And no particular place to go

When I see what I see is

Today is the day

You can do it.

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes column.

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