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There is good news and there is bad news. Which would you like first?

If, like me, you save a good helping of Yorkshire pudding for your final mouthful of a roast dinner then you will want to keep the good news for last.

The bad (?) news is this: I will no longer be making songs and videos for the escapist. My Christmas eve edition will be the next and final episode in the series of Rebecca Mayes Muses.

I personally feel a great mixture of things about this. It has been a year and a half of crazy fun creativity, learning loads of new skills, insane amounts of song and film-making, flying by the seat of my pants whilst playing the glockenspiel.

One of the aspects I've loved most about my show has been meeting all of you, the messages you've sent me, the comments you've left, the music, poems, artwork you've made and the whole ship-load of genuine love and support I've received.

So I'm sad about leaving The Escapist, I have my box of cardboard/plastic bag/felt-tip pen-coloured costume memorabilia and it makes me sentimental about all the craziness this journey has dressed me up in.

And yet...I've had to make space for what is coming next for me. I am exceedingly excited about what is beckoning beyond Rebecca Mayes Muses. What I can share of that with you at the moment is very little but I promise I'll keep you updated on the blog as and when all my news becomes official.

I am also taking a trip to India over Christmas, to travel, have an adventure and pick up some cool instruments.

And none of this is the good news!

The good news is that I'm releasing a second gaming album, it's going to be out before Christmas so that's your Christmas presents sorted, and you can finally get your hands on Love Song for Yahtzee, Halo, and other songs you've been badgering me for. Huzzah!

I am mixing and mastering it as we speak. As always album title suggestions are welcome. GAME OVER seemed a little morbid. This time around it will be available exclusively on my website.

I will be here just the same, writing my blog and Twittering and on Facebook, and I will keep making quirky songs and videos as long as someone out there wants to hear them.

See you soon with a blog from Indiaaaa!

Love Rebecca

- - - - -
Rebecca stars on the hilarious, quirky and downright brilliant, The Escapist Magazine.

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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