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Spilling the beans on my Ghostbusters lyrics got me thinking about what might have been. Ghostbusters connected me to childhood memories of TV Ghostbusters and with that came all those feelings of potential, big dreams, saving the world, having your whole life ahead of you.

As I played the game I just wanted to watch the ghosts and so was pretty rubbish at killing them. I completely over-identified with the character of Rookie, imagining how amazing it would be to have the honour of being the 5th ghostbuster. I was gutted they asked him to leave at the end.

The fact that I focused on all of that in itself tells you that the game is only interesting because it's part of the ghostbusters franchise. Harsh but fair.


Rookie and the New York City Ghosts - Lyrics

It was always my dream to be a ghostbuster,
I spent my early teens collecting all the memorabilia
I wanted to rid New York city of fear
I wanted to give my life to something bigger

To be a hero, a hero cause who you gonna call?
A hero, a hero but I'm not

It's not that I couldn't get the hang of my proton pack
It's not that I couldn't work that damn ecto-trap
But I couldn't stand to see the indignity on the face of the giant stay puft marshmellow man

My hero, my hero, they're my heroes
My heroes, my heroes, New York cities ghosts
My heroes, my heroes and my heart broke to toast them away

No it's not Peter Venkmann's wit
No it's not riding through town in the ecto-8
No it's not the grey boiler suit
What I love, Slimer and the Grey Lady are what I love
Or maybe I'm just not man enough to be the 5th ghostbuster

They were very polite, they said Rookie, we're gonna send you to another city.
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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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