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After getting so many suggestions and ideas from you all for my songs and what to review, I thought I'd open the floodgates - just a crack - to see what comes tumbling through.

But I don't want just your ideas for my next video, I want you. I'm looking for some clips of you guys playing Guitar Hero. So all you gamers men-folk and girl-folk who love to play music get your groove on and film me a clip.

My big plan is to use the best of them in my review for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Just send me clips of you playing the games, playing your heart out, bloopers, silliness or seriousness.

You can use any recording device you have to hand. See The Escapist for more details.

But I need all submissions in by 30th Nov, that is less than a week so go get filming peeps!

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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