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Dear listeners, it's always lovely to hear from you, and I've had some people email to ask what instruments are used on my songs so I thought I'd fill you in.

I know when I get a CD I always look to see what instruments are being used and who's playing what, so I appreciate the interest. I'm generally restricted to my little collection of instruments, which are a real motley crew of gems that have found their way into my possession.

I went up to my parents loft a few months ago to search for my grandfather's accordion. It is beautiful, I can't get enough of it. It sounds like some kind of retro synth, and I pretty much want to use it on every song. I'm trying to reign that in a bit. Then there is my zither which I bought in a kids toy shop. It sounds like waterfalls and I like to sit under a tree and strum away on it like it might make magic happen.

My classical guitar is my mum's, she's had it since she was a girl, and it's the guitar I learnt to play on. I took it round the world with me when I was eighteen. It got a little battered. It's held together with duct tape, but it still sounds warm and friendly. The banjo was given to me as a present from a very special person. It has a banjo body and a guitar head, so technically it's a banjar.

The bass is on loan to me from my friend who has been in some pretty awesome bands. I'm not the world's best bassist it must be said, I'm learning to move beyond pedalling the G. Another friend lent me his ukulele recently. I'm loving it! I'm also in love with my cahon, which looks like a box but sounds like bass and snare. I sound like an awkward teenager when I play it but nonetheless it's amazing.

Keyboards, one is a really crappy thing I had as a kid which actually has some pretty interesting retro noises, and the other is an amazing eighties type music processor which a friend lent me. Bring on the alien voices. And of course there's my trusty acoustic guitar. Apart from my blue childish glockenspiel, which I bought off ebay, a tiny bongo (stars in the Batman song), a recorder from school (stars in the Wolverine song) and my tibetan singing bowl (yet to feature) that's it for now. Thank God for friends who don't play their instruments. Anyone want to lend me a harp? I'm seriously lacking in brass and woodwind. All contributions welcome.

I don't have any illusions about my musical capabilities, I'm not an expert at any of these beautiful instruments. I love to love them and see what I can make with them. It'd be great to hear what your favourite instruments are and if you have any funny instrument stories...

love rebecca

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Written by Rebecca Mayes

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