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Mass Effect 3 Homegenises Boobs 360 Review

11/10/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Review
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Mass Effect 3 Homegenises Boobs 360

Mass Effect 3 Homegenises Boobs




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Mass Effect offers a homegenised humanity that I didn't really get along with. I wanted to sing a song that celebrated people's bodies for the unique individuals that they are. It will be interesting to see how Mass Effect 3 deals with all this.

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This was the first song I did with a different structure. When I was playing Mass Effect I was so distracted by the bodies. There were so many huge boobs, and I don't know if that was down to the space suits. But generally in videogames there are a lot of women in tight clothing.

A couple of the characters in Mass Effect everytime they were on I was like oh my god massive boobs. And the guys as well looked like they were on steroids. The messages that gives out, that there is only one way to be, made me kind of annoyed.

I was suprised how much people liked the fact that I was commenting on the world around games as much as the game itself. So I was really pleased with the response.

I found the lyrics really flowed for this song, although I did write about three or four versions. I enjoyed writing the second verse about where are the real men and the real women? You know like the majority of people you meet on the street.

We are all such masterpieces. We all carry a unique self around with us. I just grieve the homogenisation of humanity. Why can't we celebrate people for the individuals that they are.

The Mirror - Lyrics

In every game I play, the bodies are the same
Conforming to the one acceptable template
What's this game we play with our plastic fantasies
So that reality can disappoint us
And when we look in the mirror we look nothing like we're meant to

Who's telling you what's beautiful
Did you even get a chance to make your mind up
Who's telling you what's desirable
Cause you know there's more than one
There's every flavour under the sun
And I wanna see them all

Where are the real men, the ones who are smiley
The ones who are round and a little bit geeky
The ones who are wild, the ones who are skinny
The ones who are short and a little bit cheeky
Where are the women big boned and proud
With a mouth unafraid to tell you what it's all about
Where are the small breasts like the tenderest, delicate, feather kiss
And when you look in the mirror you look just like you're meant to

Who's telling you what's beautiful
Did you even get a chance to make your mind up
Who's telling you what's desirable
Cause you know that they dictate
What we love and what we hate
And it really ain't what we deserve

We're addicted to perfection
We're critics of our creation
We're creators of abstraction
Cause what can't we feel in this plastic thrill?

Who's telling you what's beautiful
Who's telling you you're beautiful
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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