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Rebecca Mayes Live Show | Resident Evil 5 360

01/06/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Podcast
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Resident Evil 5 360

Resident Evil 5



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I reviewed Resident Evil 5 with this ode to zombies. Do you remember? Either way, here's the rest of the story: how it happened and what it led to in my little world.

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Welcome to my little live show on Game People. We're taking a little trip down memory lane together as I talk about the different review songs I wrote for sheer heck of it. This week I've chosen my6 Resident Evil 5 song.

I've chosen this one because this song was really instrumental in landing me my gig at The Escapist. This was the moment when we started making videos to go with the songs. I didn't really know how I was going to do it, it was all really low-fi.

The song grew out of the idea of what would you do if you had a Zombie pet; play cards, go for walks or even play lock-on maybe. Also though I was really impressed at how the game itself looked - really blown away by it. But then I started playing it and was really disappointed over how it was just the same old shooting game.

My musical inspiration here was something a bit more funky. Up to this point everything had been very acoustically driven. I thought I'd try and be cool with this song. I dug into the whole kind of beats and loops thing, and even recorded some on my little box drum.

The song was difficult to write, it took a long time. I'd write a line and not be sure where to go next and have to go away and come back. I needed time to process each lyric, which I think was all part of the creative process.

People seemed to enjoy it I think. And I really appreciate that and how it spring-boarded me to the next part of my journey, that I'll talk more about next week.

See you next time, when I'll be setup in my brand spanking new studio. Hell yeah!

Don't Shoot Them Lyrics

You don't scare me Resident Evil 5 even though I'm a girl with light blue eyes,
in the dark playing till morning light, watching blood oozing from zombie eyes

You don't impress me Resident Evil 5 even though your graphics are bona fide
And Chris' arms and Sheva's boobs blow my mind
This is nothing more than shooting zombie hide

It's not their fault don't shoot them, try to hug them and hold them instead
It's not their fault, if you love them they will be your zombie pets

You don't win me over Resident Evil 5 even though playing co-op can be nice
And the AI can hold her own in a fight, I'm still shooting zombies like it's alright

It's not their fault don't shoot them, try to hug them and hold them instead
It's not their fault, you should love them even though you might end up dead

They just need to be loved, they just need a lover's touch, they just need to be loved
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes Live column.

"I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane, into the cartoon rabbit hole I fell into writing little songs about videogames."

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