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29/06/2011 Artistic Rebecca Mayes Live Podcast
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I got knee deep in Madworld's gore on the BBC. Ever wonder how that happened, let me tell you the real story behind my Charlie Brooker encounter.

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Buy all 10 of my live songs for 5, I'll email you links for them as soon as they are all recorded.

I got an innocent little email from the BBC, asking me to write a song for his videogame show. It was a real wow moment and one that marked another step in my journey. From the email to the song is a long and windy road, and one I've talked about on my Madworld song blog.

But the song itself was a very difficult song to write, because I had been given such strict definitions of what it needed to be like. That combined with my mental chatter telling me "who did I think I was to write for the BBC" (not to mention for such a cool program) and meant I kept pulling apart everything I was trying to create.

Eventually I simply ran out of time and had to get the BEEB the first draft of the song. Without that deadline I would probably be writing that song for the rest of my whole entire life.

The hardest thing was only having 1.5 minutes for the song. I had to keep pulling it back, play it faster, squeezing in verses and choruses. Because it needed to have that song structure to feel right for me. I wanted it to be a real song rather than some wired jingle.

In terms of inspiration, they asked for it to be folky so I just went for it with the Ukulele and Piano. I took Damien Rice's first album as the inspiration where he does a big choral track, which for my song turned into the "Ooo's" in the background.

It seemed to create a range of arguments about whether I am anti-violence or not. It was interesting to see how much violence there was in the debate itself. I think I was basically just trying to review the games in the lyrics, having fun with the ideas it creates rather than make a big statement.

Hope you enjoy my acoustic version, and see you back in two weeks for my secrets about my Bat suit.

Coolest Kid in School - Lyrics

Here at last a hardcore game on the Wii that's nasty, stylised violence that we call comedy, like itchy and scratchy, like tom and Jerry.
I just stabbed a guy through the eye with a road sign, pulled out his heart with my bare hands, do i feel alright?
No I feel dirty, there's really something quite unnerving about all the latent perving in the disturbing commentary.

You're trying way too hard, like a disillusioned nerd, who thinks chainsaws and swear words will make you the coolest kid in school

It's far too short and the weapons are far too few and I have to redo the whole level so i give you a head butt with the Nun-chuk
I feel giddy, visually it gets really busy and my heart feels dizzy in this sadistic comic book

You're trying way too hard, like a disillusioned nerd, who thinks chainsaws and swear words will make you the coolest kid in school
Written by Rebecca Mayes

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Rebecca Mayes writes the Rebecca Mayes Live column.

"I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane, into the cartoon rabbit hole I fell into writing little songs about videogames."

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