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Animal Crossing 15: Spring is in the air

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Animal Crossing Wii

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Updates from Oakwood are getting fewer and further between. I'm still checking in to town every day but just doing the essential jobs in order to keep the game ticking over. There are days when I play a little bit more, for example a Wednesday when Crazy Redd's stock changes, or a Sunday when I buy turnips, but usually I'm just watering flowers and checking turnip prices, as well as throwing an axe into the fountain!

May rolled around bringing with it a host of new bugs and fish to catch; I've managed to get some of them but haven't made time to catch them all yet. Also with the season change, I noticed that the grass is growing a bit faster, or so it seems! I'm still madly planting flowers in order to grow the grass back everywhere; the downside of this is that I have to keep them all watered.

May also brought a stock change in Gracie Grace's store. This time I haven't rushed out and bought it - yet. I'm waiting to see Gracie in the shop and hoping that she'll assess my fashion sense and give me 10% off, before I spend any money there!

Bunny turned up outside my town hall having hidden Easter eggs all over town.

The one special character who I haven't seen yet is Gulliver. Apparently he flies across town in his UFO and you have to shoot him down with your slingshot, and then the next day he reappears with a gift for you. I must find out how this works, as otherwise, as in Wild World, I will be left with only his items to collect!

I'm still waiting for a Golden Axe from Serena the fountain goddess - she's now given me three silver ones but still no gold! The other day I happened to be online chatting with some fellow Animal Crossing players when she gave me the third silver one - I mentioned it in our conversation and it turned out that another player really wanted one. I quickly opened gates and she popped over - exchanging a Silver Fishing Rod for the Axe. That was brilliant, as I haven't seen a Silver Rod in my store yet and I really wanted one! I'll just have to keep trying for the Golden Axe.

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Written by Clare Sharpe

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