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We know it can be a daunting world to get invovled in, so here is our bluffer's guide to getting started with video games.

Modern consoles not only provide new high fidelity visuals and orchestrally scored music, they also enable a whole host of ways for people to play games together. There are two considerations when choosing a mutliplayer experience that will work for you: how your console is set-up and how you want to interact with other players. Your gaming set up determines who you can play with and where you play, while your choice of game type determines how you play.

Setting up Mulitplayer Games

Some multiplayer games require a lot of equipment, time and skill whilst others need nothing more than a web browser and a few minutes. Multiplayer games can be set up in the following ways:

Types of Mulitplayer Games

There are many ways to play games with other people. They range from the heavily social co-operative and assistance games to the more individual competitive experiences. These types of games can be grouped into the following types:

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With so many different perspectives it can be hard to know where to start - a little like walking into a crowded pub. Sorry about that.

But so far we've not found a way to streamline our review output - there's basically too much of it. So, rather than dilute things for newcomers we have decided to live with the hubbub while helping new readers find the columnists they will enjoy.

What sort of gamer are you?

Our columnists each focus on a particular perspective and fall into one of the following types of gamers: